Google Introducing Magnifier: New Music Discovery Site

Along side the HTML5 music player, that Google released yesterday, they took a cue from Apple and today they said… but wait, one more thing… introducing Magnifier.

Google is taking the idea of users falling in love with their music all over again, and takes it one step further with the launch of Magnifier, Music Beta’s new music discovery site.

Each and every day, Googl’e team of music experts will highlight new, free music on Magnifier. Sometimes it will be songs you haven’t heard of by artists you have. Sometimes it will be new artists who deserve more attention. And sometimes there will be video interviews and live performances.

But you can always count on the following:

  • You can add any or all of the songs to your Music Beta library instantly
  • You can do this for free
  • The artist is being featured because someone on our team thinks they’re pretty great
Check out Google Magnifier here…