Opera Mini For iPhone Is 6 Times Faster Than Safari And Should Be Accepted By Apple

A week ago we broke the news about Opera Mini coming to the iPhone. Unfortunately there is no video of the browser in action but tests performed at MWC 2010 in Barcelona proved that is 6 times faster than MobileSafari – the native iPhone browser – and the guys at Opera will send the app to Apple for review really soon.

The team behind Opera Mini studies the SDK and created a bypass for all the restrictions imposed by Apple, so theoretically it should be accepted into the AppStore without any problems.

Opera Mini for iPhone will run on a “server-side processing” system and all the pages will be loaded and processed by a 3rd party server. The actual app will only display the results on your screen.

If accepted, Opera Mini will be the first real alternative to MobileSafari, but we can only hope that Apple will start to accept competitors on their platform.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more info. Stay tuned…

Later edit:

an alpha version of Opera Mini for the iPhone was released in June 2009, and here is a video preview of it