OpenPWN: Open-Source Payload Development

With the number of vulnerabilities dwindling in the iPhone OS, there is never been a better time to get the community more involved in developing jailbreaks. When most people in the community decide they would like to help out and try to investigate how to go about it, they typically find little or no help in doing so. Even the official documentation that is available, is typically hard to understand, and in most cases, out-dated information.

The goal of OpenPwn is to give would-be developers a simple, clear, and easy to understand starting point for developing jailbreaks. OpenPwn is a simple open-source payload. There will be many examples of how to use this payload to achieve different goals. As developers use OpenPwn to build their payloads, the hope is that they keep their work open-source and share it. This will give people an opportunity to see, add-to, or change payloads to work with their own payload efforts.

OpenPwn itself is not a jailbreak. It is not an unlock. It is blank slate for developers to build payloads upon. Currently OpenPwn is mac only, but there is plans to develop a windows version. OpenPwn was developed by DarkMalloc in an effort to strengthen our jailbreak community.

OpenPwn will be released this Saturday. To find out more information and to see OpenPwn in action check out: OpenPwn

[post by StealthBravo]