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OpenPhoto: Photos in Dropbox or S3 Made Magical [video]

OpenPhoto, the brainchild of ex-Yahoo engineer, Jaisen Mathai is a photo sharing platform that boasts ultimate freedom and total user control. Contradictory to other photo sharing sites that have erected website-bound constraints that defeat the purpose of “sharing,” OpenPhoto allows the users to store their photos wherever they like.

The platform then sources from already-created image accounts like Flickr and Facebook, making OpenPhoto the nucleus of access. Consecutively with their brand-new website consisting of an all-star team of designers and engineers from the likes of Yahoo, Apple, Twilio, Mozilla and more, OpenPhoto have also launched their very own iPhone app.

The app does as you would expect from the site, giving you not only the freedom the platform offers, but also the mobility and ease of use on your iPhone.

OpenPhoto is available in the app store