The Nike+ FuelBand SE Is Now Available In Apple’s Online Store

Sealed for superior water-resistance, the activity-tracking band has been tweaked and made even smarter to better credit deliberate movements while filtering out those that shouldn’t earn as much “Fuel.”

The FuelBand SE also implements Bluetooth 4.0, thus ending the days of complicated syncing in favor of a device that’s now in constant connection with your phone and corresponding Nike+ FuelBand app. Nike even announced the establishment of the so-called Nike+ FuelLab in San Francisco: a forum that allows the area’s countless tech companies to use Nike+ APIs in new and exciting ways. Additional features of the FuelBand SE include the ability to track individual sessions, “Win The Hour,” improved sharing tools and “Group” functionalities, new milestones, and the ability to track the rate at which NikeFuel is being earned.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is available in three sizes and four colors for $149.95 from Apple’s website. The FuelBand SE is set to launch officially on Wednesday, November 6.

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