In The News: Snow Leopard Antivirus Feature, New iPhone and Mac Ads, TextExpander for iPhone and more…

Steve Jobs Pouring Almost All of His Attention Into The Apple Tablet

WSJ is reporting that Steve Jobs is pouring almost all of his attentions into the Apple Tablet, even if Jobs killed the project twice in recent years, the first time because the battery life was too short, and the second time because there was insufficient memory.

Those working on the project are under intense scrutiny from Mr. Jobs, particularly with regard to the product’s advertising and marketing strategy.

Mr. Jobs’s focus on the tablet has been jarring for some Apple employees, who had grown accustomed to a level of freedom over strategy and products while the CEO was on leave, said a person familiar with the matter. “People have had to readjust” to Mr. Jobs being back

Macbook Redesign

AppleInsider says that the polycarbonate MacBooks may be on the verge of a redesign. Its suggested that the new MacBook would be offered at a significantly lower price then then currently offered.

People familiar with Cupertino-based company’s plans say the 13-inch portables are presently undergoing an industrial design overhaul that will see them reemerge in the coming months with a slimmer, lighter enclosure and restructured internal architecture to boot.

Parallels Switch To Mac Edition

The growth in switching is partially due to the ease-of-use and cool capabilities of the Mac,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels. “However, users don’t want to lose the data they have accumulated and the applications they are already familiar with. Building on our proven track record of Mac innovation, we have addressed this concern and made learning the new operating system even simpler through interactive on-demand tutorials. These are combined with intelligent moving tools and our industry-leading Parallels Desktop for Mac, which offers the greatest performance and stability for running Windows seamlessly on Mac.

Availability and Pricing
Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac Edition is available from today at Apple stores, at and through other preferred retail partners in English, German and French. The suggested retail price (SRP) of the product is $99.99.

New Mac and iPhone Ads

Snow Leopard Antivirus Feature?

Just as Apple released a new Get A Mac ad ( see above ) criticizing the amount of viruses found in Windows , it was found a an unannounced Antivirus feature in the new Snow Leopard.

According to an Intego report, We’re not sure yet exactly how this works, but the above screen shot shows this feature working with a download made via Safari, detecting a version of the RSPlug Trojan horse in a downloaded disk image.

TextExpander for iPhone

If you follow me on Twitter, a couple of weeks ago, i apologized if somebody sent me an email and i didnt reply but at that moment i had about 11.000 unread emails. Many of them, required the same answer, but still a lot of emails to answer.

So , i googled myself for some help, and i came across TextExpander. What it is? Well hard to explain by typing so , ill let you watch a demo video of it :

Yea, pretty great. Tomorrow, August 26th , SmileOnMyMac will release TextExpander for iPhone . The trick is that the iPhone app wont work like the Mac one, because it can not run in the background ( maybe on a JB’d iPhone 😛 ) and you wont be able to type in your abbreviations to trigger expansions while you are working in other apps. What it can do:

  • We have made it as seamless as possible for composing notes and inserting them to email or your Twitter client. We’ve also made it easy to copy your composed notes to other apps.
  • You can import your snippet groups from the Mac via local network. That is a handy thing to have on your iPhone, even if you never use TextExpander touch for a single text expansion. You’ll have a library of your most frequently-used phrases, signatures, URLs, etc. We’ve made it simple to insert a snippet into email or Twitter, skipping the Compose step altogether.
  • It will be easy to create snippets, using the new copy-and-paste function as well. If you have received an email with some standard paragraph you want to use again, you can copy it and create a TextExpander touch snippet with only a few taps on your iPhone.

Simmilar applications:

  • Mac/iPhone: TypeIt4Me
  • Windows: Texter
  • Linux: Snippits