Jason Calacanis: “Apple Fanboys, You’re A Bunch Of Sellouts, F You “

I bet you first instinct is to go ” Who is this Calacanis dude, and WTF is his problem”? Jason was a former journalist and blogger at Boing Boing, co-founder of Weblogs INC. ( engadget and gizmodo most popular sites in the network ) , EIA at Sequoia Capital and CEO of Mahalo.com.

Jason Calacanis went on an epic rant directed to Apple fanboys on Episode 12 of his web series “This Week in Startups”. Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, calls the fanboys “sellouts to the open Internet”.

No matter what you say, i totally agree with Jason on this one, and if you watch carefully the video you will find some of my words/thoughts from a couple of weeks back. ( read full article here )

I said ( i can’t believe i quote myself ):

(Apple)… What’s your interest, i have no idea, but you used to be the company that laughed in the face of the status quo , now you are the status quo. Do you remember your 1984 commercial, that was inspired from George Orwell’s 1984?