In The News: Asphalt 5 for iPhone,Twitterrific Updated, Palm Pre: iPhone’s Stunt Double Or…? and more…

Remote Desktop Software Updated by Apple

Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.3.1 updates the software that facilitates Remote Management (enabled in Sharing preferences, in System Preferences).Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.3 updates the Remote Desktop application, which can be used to remotely administer Apple Remote Desktop clients.


  • Improves support for accessing client computers and task servers behind NAT (Network Address Translation) routers.
  • Includes Task Server and Directory Server scanners, for finding client computers known by your task server and clients in computer groups on a directory server.
  • New “Reporting” tab in client computer Info window, to set a single reporting policy for the client computer, shared by all Remote Desktop administrator computers.
  • New “Administrators” tab in client computer Info window, to display and control which admin computers and task servers are associated with each client computer.
  • Client settings configurable by Managed Preferences in Workgroup Manager.
  • Support for finding and adding client computers via wide-area Bonjour.
  • Resolves an issue using Lock Screen or Curtain mode on a client computer that’s at the login window.
  • Improves stability when running Remote Desktop Admin on a Task Server.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause build_hd_index files to become very large.
  • Improves compatibility with the Application Firewall.
  • Change Client Settings task now works when the Remote Desktop administrator has an Active Directory account.
  • Improves client stability when Sharing Screen.
  • Scheduled UNIX Commands stay scheduled.
  • When controlling a remote client, function keys and key combinations for actions such as Force Quit, Log Out, and the Application Switcher are now all sent to the remote computer.
  • Improves screen sharing performance with RealVNC.
  • Improves performance of encrypted file copies.
  • Improves performance of encrypted screen sharing connections

Palm Pre’s New Commercial: iPhone, Solving Competitors Dilemmas One TV Spot At The Time

Bell released the first commercial for the Palm Pre. Finally Palm Pre is rolling with the big dogs after all the hype. Congrats , but one question: why is the iPhone commercial displaying a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone? Or is this the Palm commercial displaying an iPhone?… wait is this the egg or the chicken, who was here first…. wait… hmmm… arghhh… so confused right now…

Twitterrific Updated to 2.1

The Iconfactory’s Twitter client for iPhone , Twitterrific , has been updated to 2.1. The new version has added several new features that make it far more useful than before. A few highlights:

  • New “Load More…” button at the bottom of the timeline to retrieve older tweets
  • New “Following” and “Followers” lists in author view
  • Support for recording, posting, and viewing videos (recording and posting require iPhone 3GS)
  • Built-in browser now supports landscape orientation
  • Image links are now displayed in a photo viewer
  • Long uploads now show a percentage completed
  • Added in-app email support

The update comes with bug fixes as well, including improved typing speed, plugged memory leaks, and many more.

Measures Distances Using Sound with Sonar Ruler For iPhone

Now this is a news that tickles my soft spots. An experimental app that is using echoes to measure distance. How cool is this?

It uses the same principles that dolphins use to find food. It sends a short pulse from the speaker and measures how long that pulse takes to bounce off of something and return to the phone. It then estimates how far away you are.


  • Sonic distance measurement up to 60 feet
  • Sets Units to feet, inches, or meters
  • Custom saved settings measuring in different environments

You can buy it from the appstore for $0.99.

First Screenshots of upcoming Asphalt 5 for iPhone and iTouch

The new version of the game is expected to bring more cars, tracks and… a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. First screenshots of the game were posted by MacNotes and the game doesent look bad at all.

Winterboard update

There was a new Winterboard update in Cydia today. The new version comes with support for SMS Backgrounds, Emoji Keys and Remapped SMS bundle name ( read info on changelog ), but still no keyboard themes support on this version…