New Concept Shows iOS 8 and The Rumored Healthbook App [video]

ios-8-helthbook-concept-FSMdotCOMWe quickly shifting from iPhone 6 concepts to iOS 8, iWatch and the rumored concepts. Yesterday we showed you an iWatch concept that will not only offer support of existing iOS apps and functions ( such as mail, messages, contact, Siri etc ) but it will also come with support for health apps ( i.e the rumored Helthbook app ) which allows users to track workouts, heart rates, glucose level, sleep pater, calories burn etc.

Today, a new concept shows the rumored that Apple might include in iOS 8 and will probably work with the iWatch as a companion. The concept shows an app similar to Passbook, with a card-based UI where you can check heart rate, blood oxygen levels and other ‘vital functions’, and a profile page where you set your gender, age, height and weight – which we suppose it’s meant to give the ‘vital functions’ page a guideline for showing reports.

If the concept is at least 50% accurate, and our assumption that the will be a companion for the iWatch holds water then, Helthbook will be an app just like Passbook or NewsStand, an app that most users will try to get rid of.

Jump over the break to check out the video…