Multitasking: Power Of iPhone 3Gs

So what you do when you own a brand new iPhone 3Gs? Of course you jailbreak it, no doubt, but you want to test its power. Everybody know that , in theory, the iPhone 3Gs suffered huge improvements as opposed to the iPhone 3G.

So how to test iPhone 3Gs power? Well first you jailbreak it. You install something called Backgrounder from Cydia. Because you have about 150MB of RAM free, to have opened several applications and games at the same time, you should obtaining good results. Than you open a few applications and games and see how it goes?


  • Weathereye
  • Random Facts
  • Chalky
  • Google App
  • Phone
  • Mail


  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch
  • Real Racing

Fair list? Well i guess so, since only this games are among those that require the most resources. So, that being said, if the iPhone 3Gs is really that powerful it should run with no major delays right? Well, let’s see: