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MultiIconMover: Move Multiple iPhone/iPod Touch SpringBoard Icons At A Time

New day, new tweak in Cydia: MultiIconMover. As you can read in the title, MultiIconMover, allows you to select multiple  icons and move them to a new locations. Apple finally introduced this feature with iTunes 9 and mac users also have an app called Movement , but you are not always near your computer, and to be honest i think MultiIconMover is much more convenient.

You can get this tweak via Cydia, where you will find it in the BigBoss repo. Once you installed it, tap on any icon until all of them starts to wiggle. Than tap on every icon you want to move. You will see a checkmark in the bottom right corner. Once you selected all the icons you want to move switch to the page that you want your icons to be moved. Tap the home button once to move all the apps, and tap the home button again to exit the “wiggle mode”