Moov Turns Siri Into Your Personal Trainer [video]


Moov is the world’s first multi-sport artificial-intelligent coach. Wear it. Mount it. Hear it. 5 sports included to start. Real-time interactive coaching. Performance tracking. Injury prevention. Form monitoring. 3D Motion sensing.

Moov is a waterproof disc can be worn on your wrist like a watch or strapped around your ankle or arm, and can capture movement. While you’re working out, it pays attention to how you’re moving, and offers real-time suggestions on how to improve. For instance, when you’re running, the app might suggest you shorten your stride or tell you that your landing is too hard — something that could ultimately cause an injury. Moov also notices things like your shoulders not being directly over your hands when you’re doing pushups, or even that your not kicking fast enough when you’re swimming laps.

At launch, Moov will be iOS only, but an Android version is expected to follow three months later. In order start production, the company is crowdfunding its initial run of devices, and offering a discount for early adopters — $59 for one device, and $99 for two. Those who get their workout buddies to buy one as well can score $5 off the purchase price for each referral.