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MewSeek PRO Crack

Many months ago i wrote an article called  MEWSEEK – SOULSEEK NATIVE P2P APP FOR iPhone/iPod ( check it for screenshots and how to ). There i shared my love for the P2P client called SoulSeek. I start using soulseek in 9th grade or so and im using it since then.

Anyway let’s get back to MewSeek … at the time ( when i found mewseek ) i basically had an orgasm. But a couple of days ago, browsing Cydia , i found MewSeek PRO. So my natural instinct was to remove the original MewSeek that i had and install MewSeek PRO.

Well to make the long story short, i (you) have to pay $6.99 to register and have unlimited downloads. Now, you know that i respect devs, but this is something that i dont understand. How can anyone ask me to pay for piracy?

I respect the hard work of porting such a great P2P client to the iPhone/Touch but paying for it its outrageous. I would encourage you NOT to buy this app by any means, but since i kinda encourage you to buy the apps that you crack , well…. that would make me a hipocrit.

Anyway, there is a crack available and here is how to get MewSeek PRO cracked.

  • Add source
  • Search for MewSeek PRO
  • Install the app from the xsellize source
  • Have fun


Install cracked MewSeek PRO from .deb file :

  • Download deb file from mediafire
  • Read how to install .deb file here