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Macworld’s iPhone 4 Magazine Cover Shot With An… iPhone 4

Yeah, we can all agree that the iPhone 4 has an exceptional camera ( remember we’re still talking about a phone ).  We showed you all sorts of videos comparing the iPhone 4 with other smart phones but, I think the best comparison is with the Canon EOS 7D, a $1,200+ digital SLR camera ( check here ) . You still don’t think i4’s camera is amazing? Well check out the cover of the new issue of Macworld mag.

Our image of the new iPhone 4 was photographed and post-processed entirely on another iPhone 4. Peter has been tinkering with the idea of shooting a Macworld cover with an iPhone for some time, and with the addition of a high-quality five-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4, the right time had finally arrived.

“For the most part, my strategy for photographing the cover didn’t change from how I normally would shoot,” Peter says in a blog post about the process. “I still had my normal set with lots of lights, flags and stands. I did have to change my light source from strobes to tungsten lights because the iPhone can’t sync with studio strobes. Normally I use Photoshop to add in the image on the iPhone screen and clean up dust, scratches and any other imperfections. I wasn’t going to have that same control on my iPhone so the photo needs to look really good and as close to final.”

[via MacWorld]