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HOW TO: Use Your Mac’s Finder To Wirelessly Browse Your iPhone, iPod and iPad

There is no doubt that once you jailbreak your iDevices the world is at your feet. “World at your feet” is too romantic for you? Ok, let me put it this way, if you own an iPhone/iTouch/iPad and you are not jailbroken, you’re a sucka. You can do so much with a jailbroken iDevice, but what about downloading photos, print documents and move files wirelessly using nothing but the Mac OSX Finder?

You can do that thanks to Netatalk. Netatalk is a free and open source implementation of Apple Talk for Unix devices which, basically, lets you use Apple’s standard file sharing between a Mac and an iPhone, in the Finder. Read more about netatalk here…

This is pretty simple to do. Load Cydia on your iDevice, search for Netatalk ( free ) and install it. Your iDevice will respring, but you should reboot as well. Once your iDevices is back on, take a look at your Finder. You will see your iDevice under the “shared” tab. There’s only one trick: both of your devices should be on the same network.

Now, you can hit connect and that is it. The browsing magic begins…

NOTE: When you will hit connect, you will be prompted to login with your administrator credentials. You should login with your iDevice’s username and password ( u: root ; p: alpine – if you are still using the default password. We strongly suggest you change it… )

[thx Paolo via macstories]