HowTo: Change Default iPhone Password ( alpine ) And Increase Security

Since you can login on EVERY iPhone in the world with the same username and password, makes it easier for people to create (potential) exploits for this device. And, we had enough of that lately… Luckily for all of you that have an jailbroken device there is a quick fix for this:

Every iPhone in the world has the same username ( root ) and password ( alpine ) . This opens the door to exploits. Luckily there is a quick fix for this:

1. Install Terminal from Cydia

2. Load terminal and type:

  • su root
  • alpine

by doing that you are logged in as root. Once you are logged in as root type this:

  • passwd
  • passwd mobile

when you type “passwd” and “passwd mobile” and hit return it will prompt you to type your new password. You will have to type it twice.

Thats it.

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