LovePalz Defines Next Generation Virtual Sex [video]

LovePalz is a two-way pleasure device that allows couples to simulate sex from anywhere in the world, as long as they have Wi-Fi connection. Each partner has their own device—‘Hera’ for the ladies and ‘Zues’ for the men.

To begin, partners have to place their own device over his or her erogenous zone and connect the devices through the LovePalz iPhone app.

Once connected, the process can begin—the device mimics hip movements made by one partner—recreating the same movement on the other’s device in real-time.

It is even able to account for thrusting speed on the female’s device (which has an automatic piston), and pressure on the male’s device (through an air pump motor).

LovePalz can be pre-ordered at USD$170 for a pair—and each device comes with a personal name engraving and unique serial number.



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