Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone Case Costs More Than a Maxed-Out 5K iMac

Back in October of last year, at the Louis Vuitton’s 2017 spring runway show, the brand’s creative director showcased their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases.

LV made them available for purchase now and the selection includes a classic Monogram canvas, a Monogram Reverse canvas, a Monogram Eclipse canvas and golden crocodile leather case.

Before you start hyperventilating because LV released a petit malle trunk bag-inspired case for your precious iPhone you should know that the cheapest one costs $1,180 while the golden crocodile leather iPhone 7 Plus case costs $5,500.

To put it into perspective, a LV iPhone case costs more than a maxed-out 27-inch 5K iMac that includes Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

Check out the prices below:

iPhone 7:

Golden crocodile leather – $5,050 USD
Classic Monogram canvas – $1,180 USD

iPhone 7 Plus:

Golden crocodile leather – $5,500 USD
Classic Monogram canvas – $1,250 USD
Monogram Reverse canvas – $1,250 USD
Monogram Eclipse canvas – $1,250 USD

For more info check out LV’s website.