How To: LockScreen Info and Gruppled LockScreen Theme

This is a great alternative for Intelliscreen..if anyone is still even using that. I think I was the last hold out.LockScreen on your iDevice a little un-informative? Bland and just a plain pic? Want to see all of your weather, calendar and missed notifications all in one easy to see place? LockScreen Info(Paid $4.99) from David Ashman, along with the Gruppled theme is the way to go. Getting the LockScreen Info is easy, everything is right on your favorite gettin’ place Cydia. But the theme, you’ll have to download.

Before we get started, you’ll need to add a couple of sources. Easy right? For those of you new to the iDevice, I’ll walk you through it. Open Cydia, at the bottom, tap manage. Then Choose Sources. Now in the upper right hand corner, choose edit, then across from there, touch add. Now you need to add the following repo’s


Those will give you access to a few little extra tweaks for more eye candy. We’ll get back to this in a minute. One other thing you should do, is get a lockscreen theme. The hot one that works so well, and the one I’m going to show you here is Gruppled LockScreen Info. Now, for some weird reason, this is not on any repo out there, that I could find, but there is a 133 page thread about it here or download from here. You will also need to have WinterBoard installed on your device to activate the theme. You could just add LockScreenInfo and be done, no using WinterBoard, but wheres the fun in that?

Here we go:
1.You will need access to your root folders, to add the theme you downloaded and to edit the java script. So fire up your favorite method (either SSH or USB). I’m on a mac and will be using disk aid and you will need a way to edit that javascript I just mentioned, I’m using dashcode, but texedit, textwrangler, notepad, they all work. If you’re on a Mac( you should be, but I’m biased) you can right click the theme and click show package contents, and edit the config.JS before you even add the theme.

2. Otherwise add the theme to the /var/stash/themes.*** folder.

3. In the Gruppled LockInfo.theme folder, head over to Bundles/com.ashman.LockInfo/config.js copy to your desk top or open it from there depending on how you are doing this.

4.Everything you need to edit is in here and labeled on what you can change/edit and what not to touch. I added my zip for the weather, clued the comments for the clock, and changed the order. I also change the string to false for celsius( i want farinheit) and the icons to the “Klear”. All this will vary on how ever you want your to look. Save this and add back to your theme.

5. If you were doing this all before the theme was on your device, now’s the time to add the theme to var/stash/Themes.*** or just add the config.js back to the com.ashman.Lockinfo folder.

6. Time to add some stuff from Cydia. Remember those sources? You will need the following:

LockSceenInfo, Clock plugin for LockScreenInfo, ClockHide, and if you want 20secondLockScreen, and last but not least, WinterBoard

Now you will have some new preferences in your settings theme, but most will be over-ridden by the config.js file that you edited. One cool preference, is to put this on your HomeScreen also.

7. After everything is added, go open WinterBoard and select the Gruppled theme. Let it respiring and you’re done.

Here’s my finished product.

Not for the beginning user, but along with our new book and this turtorial, you should be able to get it figured out. There are more options you can modify in the theme itself, like folder icons and the fonts and colors, so feel free to mess around and let us see your themes. Good luck and if you need some help, hit us up in the comments.