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List Of Cydia Tweaks That Work On The iPad 2

Last night, comex has finally released the much-awaited iPad 2 jailbreak ( on a side note, we really don’t understand what was all the fuss about the other devices that JailbreakMe can be used on. This was always about the iPad 2. Anyway… ). If you are wondering which Cydia tweaks are already working on the iPad 2, we got a list for you after the break…

  • SBSettings
  • iFile
  • OpenSSH
  • Retinapad
  • VLC media player
  • TCP optimizer
  • FullForce
  • Winterboard
  • Enable MT Gestures
  • Remove Background
  • Signal
  • InfiniFolders
  • CrashReporter
  • Springtomize
  • Barrel
  • Infinidock
  • Gridlock
  • Infiniboard
  • Orbit
  • multifl0w

We will update this list constantly ( probably ), but feel free to comment and tell us what else is working ( or not working ).