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Lexus: Planning to Integrate An iPhone Dock In Their Cars

Today, many cars support the iPhone or iTouch as an external music source, or use the voice command via bluetooth.In the past we’ve talked here on FSMdotCOM about iChange – an electric car that needs an iPhone to start , and how to go green with the Peapod car which uses an iPhone as a key.

Lexus has decided to integrate iPhone docks in the headrest tho. This could be extremely useful for long trips, or just to show off to your friends. Anyway, one thing is for sure: Apple did change the cell phone industry for ever and they are influencing all the other industries one by one.

The LF-Ch has four sport seats that feature trim lighting along the cushion’s edge for cabin illumination. Rear passengers can enjoy headrest-mounted iPhone® docking capability for audio and video entertainment. In addition, the LF-Ch has storage in the rear seat armrests for small items such as iPods®, PDAs and cell phones.

[via Jalopnik ]