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K’naan f. Adam Levine – Bang Bang

This, pretty much,  has nothing to do with the iPhone or the iPod Touch. It’s just a wicked tune from the hottest artist of 2009 : K’naan. No offense , but im getting tired of seeing Lil Wayne everywhere in the iPhone/Touch community. Fuck Lil Wayne, he got like 3 or 4 real hot beats but it would have been better if he didnt mumble on them. You might call it rapping or emceeing but i got a different conception about rap music and hiphop culture.

Ok, ok but what’s all of this got to do with the iPhone/Touch? Nothing, beside the fact that you can download the tune for FREE from iTunes and you can sync this tune on your devices.

I really suggest you check out the whole album “Troubadour”. Meanwhile get  “Bang Bang” on iTunes for free here ( you might need a US iTunes store account. if you dont have one, check how to create a FREE US account here).

Or if you dont want to get the tune from the iTunes store, you can listen it here :