Just Mobile AluCup Grande: The High-Design Home For Your Smartphones and Tablets



Just Mobile has announced today the AluCup Grande, a multi-purpose desktop stand for smartphones and tablets. Sculpted from a single piece of high-grade aluminium inset with soft rubber, AluCup Grande provides a rock-solid upright stand when you sit your smartphone inside.

AluCup Grande doubles as a stylish reclining pedestal for smartphones and tablets, with high-friction rubberised edges, four cable slots and plenty of space for cable storage.


• High-quality aluminium and rubber construction

• Compatible with smartphones and tablets

• Four positions: upright, laid back, reclining portrait and reclining landscape.

• Four cable slots plus cable storage

• Available in a range of colours to suit your desktop

The Just Mobile AluCup Grande will be available in 4 colors at the end of November at the official webstore…

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