FiftyThree Releases Pencil, A BLE Stylus For The iPad [video]

53-pencil-iPad-Stylus-FSMdotCOMFiftyThree, the people behind Paper – the iPad app of the year 2012 ( iTunes link ), has released Pencil – a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stylus for the iPad.

Great tools inspire great ideas. Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper. Advanced technology meets beautiful design to keep you in the flow, without needing to switch tools. With Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, Pencil puts creative possibility in your hands …

To pair the stylus to the iPad, you touch a button in the Paper app. Once paired, you can start using the stylus as you normally would. Pencil also comes with a virtual eraser found at the top of the stylus, which is also recognized by the app. FiftyThree says that you can mix-and-match stylus input with finger controls like pinch-to-zoom.

Pencil is fully compatible with the Paper app on the iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display and it also can be used as a dumb stylus with any app on any capacitive touchscreen device.

Available in walnut and graphite, Pencil is available for purchase here.

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