JackBacks: iPhone 4 Wood Back Replacement [video]

iPhone modding is still one of the hottest things around. No, I’m not talking about some cheesy themes and other UI enhancements. I’m talking about replacing the back or front panel of your iPhone with custom parts. It all ( kinda ) started with this iPhone 4 transparent back panel, followed by these Pwnapple metal backs and brushed titanium ones . Today’s material of choice? Wood.

This is real wood that is laser cut, and handcrafted to work perfectly with your iPhone, giving you a custom look that merges the beauty of nature with the power of technology.

Everything looks great. It seems that people all over the web are very pleased with this product. The only downside, is that it will set you back for about $100 which is not something that the average consumer would want to spend for an iPhone back.

For more info and ordering your own, check out the official website…