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iTunes Radio Brings The First Ads To The iPhone’s Lockscreen




Yesterday, at WWDC 2013, Apple has unveiled iOS 7 with a redesigned and iTunes radio. iTunes Radio is Apple’s answer to services such as Spotify and Google Music All Access, iTunes Radio let’s you listen to songs on-demand and it can also curate radio stations based on a particular song/artist/album/genre ( similar to Pandora ). It works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iTunes on Mac and PC and it’s completely free ( supported by ads ). iTunes Match subscribers will be able to use the service ad-free.

When using the new iTunes Radio feature built in to the Music application in iOS 7, users can lock their iPhone’s display and allow the music to keep streaming. Upon waking the device, the iPhone’s lock screen will include the album art of the currently playing track.

At the bottom of that artwork is also a link, offering users the ability to “Download on iTunes” the currently playing song.

At the moment, the “Download on iTunes” link appears to only be shown to iTunes Radio users who are not subscribed to Apple’s $24.99-per-year iTunes Match service. Those who are subscribers are simply shown the album cover of the currently playing track without the iTunes Store link.