iTunes Introduces ‘Download Later’ Option for Large Purchases


Apple has recently added a new ‘download later’ option for large media purchases in iTunes. Currently the new option is only available for users in countries that support iTunes in the Cloud and it shows up when purchasing music boxsets, TV shows, full TV seasons, TV season passes, movies and movie bundles.

When purchasing any of the above items using iTunes 11 on a Mac or Windows PC, or an iOS device running iOS 6 or later, you’re now presented with Later and Download (or Download All) buttons. Tap Later and the purchased items will be added to your iTunes account and accessible to stream or download in the future via Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud feature. It’s a handy feature if you, say, want to buy a movie on sale while you have a spotty data connection; you can make sure to get the cheaper price, then download the item when you get home—or even just play it from the cloud.