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iTunes 9: A Lot Of Goodies To Come. First Leaked Pictures

There were a lot of rumors this days about the upcoming iTunes 9 and it seems that Apple will add Blu-ray support and the ability to manage and re-arrange the icons the springboard of your iPhone / iTouch. It also seems that Apple is thinking to integrate social networks in the new iTunes 9 :

  • The social networking integration that we reported iTunes 9 would have seems to be part of a bigger social networking push by Apple. We’ve been informed that Apple has plans to tie iTunes 9 into a “Social” application that they plan to release in the future. It was said that the application (separate from iTunes) will be similar to Yahoo’s OneConnect offering and consolidate all your social networking services. (iPhone application? Desktop app? Wasn’t clarified to us).
  • The application will allow you to broadcast what music you’re currently listening to, allow you to share your music with people on your network, connect with your friend’s friends (no clue on that one), and update all of your statuses at the same time. ITunes 9 will let you broadcast music statuses as well.
  • As far as the iTunes application organization feature, we’ve been told it allow you to sort your applications alphabetically, by genre, date added, and of course, custom arrangement.

Thanks to t we can see all the information about the artists that we are listening and more and if you are looking at the pictures below you can also see in the PlayList a new section called “Social.” It is rumored that iTunes 9 will be released in September. FSMdotCOM will keep you updated, stay tuned….

[ pictures via tobiasbischoff ]