HowTo: Save iPhone Memory By Forcing Safari To Stop Running In The Background

If you are still using a first gen iPhone ( 2G/EDGE ) or a iPhone 3G, you know how precious the memory is. If you are using your iPhone’s internet capabilities to the fullest, you noticed that your RAM is dropping like flies.

You can stop Safari running in the background after you close it. One way is to kill it is to use the processes toggle, but thats not really convenient. The aim is to automatically make Safari stop running in the background.

Luckily somebody thought about this and it works great. All you need to do is to load cydia , add this source: and than search/install SafariQuitter .Once SafariQuitter is installed you will respring your iPhone/iTouch and you are good to go.

I see a major increase in the amount of free RAM i have since i start using this tweak. Before i usually had 18-25 MB of free RAM now i constantly have 40MB of free RAM.