iTouchSecure: Autofill Passwords Using Your iPhone 5s’ Touch ID [video]


SpiritOfLogic – the people behind iRealSMS, PhotoAlbums+ and PwnTunes – released iTouchSecure a new Cydia tweak which allows you to use the Touch ID on your iPhone 5s to autofill every password. You know, like Apple should’ve done since day one, but decided to wait a year or two before they give us obvious functionality of their own technology.

iTouchSecure works with App Store apps such as Facebook and Twitter and it also works in Mobile Safari. To use iTouchSecure you will need to manually input a password once so it will be saved in an encrypted Password Keychain. Once the password is saved, all you need to do is use the Touch ID ( just like you would use it to unlock your phone ) and the password will be auto-filled.

When you want to sign-in on, let’s say, Facebook you will need to enter your username and if the password box is yellow that means that there is no password stored for that particular sign-in and you will need to sign-in manually to. If the password box is green and will show a Touch ID icon, it means that iTouchSecure has a password saved for that username and you can use the Touch ID to auto-fill the password box. ( Obviously not everybody can use the Touch ID to sign-in. Only for saved fingerprints )

iTouchSecure is available for $4.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…