iRetina+: Customizable SBSettings Theme For iPhone 4

New day, new SBSettings theme in Cydia: iRetina+. What is iRetina+ you ask? Well, one thing you can tell you is that it is the first SBSettings theme in history to be powered by MobileSubstrate. Yes, it’s a theme, but also allows much more customization and control from within this theme!

Sure, it looks like iRetina, that’s because it is, except now you can change the default iOS blue colour to whatever colour you please. If you’re feeling angry, change it to red. If you’re feeling happy, change it to yellow or perhaps sky blue?

This theme was made specifically for the retina display-ready iOS devices but we have tried it on previous iOS device models and it works great, still.

iRetina+ is available for $3.00 in Cydia Store via ModMyi repo. But if you are an iRetina customer already, you can make an upgrade for only $1.00.