iRetina SBSettings Theme Updated To V1.5

A few days ago we told you about a beautiful SBSettings theme available in Cydia called iRetina. It is ( or was at the time – we don’t care much about themes and you know that ) the only SBSettings theme optimized for iPhone 4’s retina display. The dev, updated or will update ( depending on when you will be reading this post ) the theme to v1.5, and it comes with the following changes:

  • Total redesign! (still same look, but everything has been redesigned and is now 100% crispier– this is as HD as it’ll get)
  • Redesigned the toggle icons for “Brightness” and “Processes”
  • Minor revamp on selected current toggle icons (Rotation, Processes, 3G)
  • Basically, I totally redesigned it– Corners, Edges of background images look TOTAL 100% REAL HD. As straight and crisp as it can get.

You can buy iRetina from Cydia via ModMyi repo for $2.00