First Look: iRealSMS 3.0

RealSMS has really done their homework with the 3.0 version of their popular messaging app. Utilizing an array of features, that may just make you switch from whatever messaging app you’re currently using.Most of the jailbroken messaging apps all have some sort of QuickSend and QuickReply mode, meaning you can compose or reply to a message without opening the messaging app and closing the app that you’re in. iRealsms takes it a step further

QuickSend now uses the same search parameters as the messages app… you have complete access to your contacts list, both phone numbers and email addresses… so if you want to send a QuickSend to an email address…you can. QuickSend and Quick reply also support emote and MMS features. You can also launch QuickSend, and use QuickReply from the lockscreen.

From within the app itself you can insert contacts, saved drafts, or pre-made templets. Full support for smileys, and emojis also.
And if your plan includes MMS messaging thats in there too.

There is a section titled Folders where you can view your inbox, outbox, drafts and etc. These are also searchable from within the app.

With the release of 3.0 it also starts the launch of the iRealNetwork. Giving you an affordable way to buy credits for text messages , including international plans.

These are only a few of the new features in iRealSMS that really bring it to the front of the jailbroken iPhone messaging apps. This Beta which will be available to all iRealSMS 2.0 licensed customers… your license should transfer over to a 3.0 license automatically.