iPro: A 35-inch Retina Display, Apple All-in-One Supercomputer [concept]

Inspired by Mac’s 30th anniversary, Kurt Merki Jr. created a concept for the ultimate desktop supercomputer.

iPro_Present_PDF_small03Inspired by Mac’s 30th anniversary,  Kurt Merki Jr. created a concept for the ultimate desktop supercomputer. The iPro features a huge 35-inch screen with Retina Display, a tube-shaped unibody which contains power sockets for storage, memory and processor needs and front facing speakers. A one-touch button allows to tilt the display 20-degrees back from the upright position and doubles as a stand. The OS X running on the iPro allows brings split-screen functionality and oh yeah… the iPro comes in black, silver and gold.

Jump over the break to check out the concept in greater detail…

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