Cone: The iOS/OS X Compatible ‘Thinking Speaker’ [video]

aether-things-cone-music-player-1San Francisco-based company Aether Things unveiled their first product, a “thinking music player” dubbed ‘Cone’ which adjust the music played based on your personal taste. Instead of switching between smartphones, tablets and computers to make playlists or shuffle music, Cone allows you to  simply twist his dial. Turn it once to the right and the music begins to stream. Turn it again and you skip the song. A long spin and Cone will play a random track. You want to listen to something specific? Press the button in the middle of the speaker and say what you want to listen to.

Cone works by listening to what you like, what you skip, and what you request, and compiles a profile based on your activity. Cone also learns how you use it via its built-in accelerometer. It generates data about where you listen to what, as well as when you listen to certain things, and bases its playlist on that information. So for instance, if you listen to NPR in the morning in the kitchen, Cone will know to play that instead of music. No word yet on which streaming services Cone will pull from yet, but Aether says they’ll announce multiple content partners, along with podcasts and Internet radio, before shipping the device later this year.

Specs include a 1GHz processor running on a Lithium ion battery that lasts for eight hours of play before it needs charging. At the moment, setup is iOS and OS X compatible only, with Android coming down the road. Sound is provided via a three-inch woofer.

Pre-order your Cone now for $400 straight from the source.