iPhone PRO [concept]

Meet the iPhone Pro: rather unrealistic, but an amazing concept. Designed by Jinyoung Choi, for users that really care about a good camera, the “iPhone Pro features a 4.5 inch wide LCD screen with 2 side buttons. The 1.2megapixel 3D camera notches up the funk by hooking well with a DSLR lens. Projector capabilities, portable speaker and removable hard disk (at the rear), make the phone all the more dishy!”

The phone, the lenses and all other accessories for the iPhone Pro look great. Even if Apple will never do this, hopefully somebody else will create these neat little extras.


  • 1.2megapixel 3D camera
  • 128x73x9.6(mm)
  • 4.5inch(1280×800)