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New In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2: Tons Of Bugs And Some Visual Tweaks

Yesterday, we told you that Apple pushed iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2. We had plenty of time to play with it and well… it’s a bust. Tons of bugs and some visual tweaks. As you can see in the vid above, we got a new multitasking transition, improved slider graphics and new way to choose a wallpaper background. Another thing that we missed to record, is that now, all your email account will get the provider icon ( gmail, yahoo etc… )   That’s pretty much about it.

There are a lot of bugs tho…

  • First of all it is the camera does not work at all. You can take pictures but they won’t be saved into the photo library.
  • You can’t take screenshots.  Pressing Home+Power button, the shutter will lock and the screenshot won’t be saved into the photo library
  • Sometimes when you choose the wallpaper it would just hang and you will have to hard reset the device.

Just a few serious bugs. Bottom line, if you are not a developer, do not update to iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2…