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iPhone OS 3.0 Official Jailbreak ( and unlock?!?! ) Coming This Week

Im assuming everybody cant wait for the official iPhone 3.0 this wednesday. As Apple said, iPhone OS 3.0 will have more than 100 new features ( although some of them seems to be reported twice ) but unfortunately some of them you wont be able to use unless your on the new iPhone 3Gs.

If you are on AT&T , you wont be able to use MMS and tethering as well, until “later this summer” so, my guess is that you’ll want to jailbreak and maybe unlock your iPhone.

Everybody is curious when the new jailbreak will be released, especially that some people out there, already installed the iPhone OS 3.0 GM. Well MuscleNerd comes with the answer. He twitted that the new jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0 will be coming out this week after the official 3.0 release and it’s going to be iTunes 8.2 friendly.

Also i believe that the unlock for iPhone OS 3.0 will be coming out real soon as well, because MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev-Team also reply’d to somebody that he wont be stuck with a TurboSim.


According to the Dev Teams twitter page, they will be demoing YellowSn0w at some point tomorrow