iPhone And iPad Christmas Concert With The North Point iBand [video]

Behold the first Christmas concert by the North Point Community Church iBand, from Apharetta Georgia. In the video they rock a Christmas medley using only iPad and iPhone based virtual instruments, including drums, bells, guitar, synth, and percussion. They save the best for last, with an awesome version of Feliz Navidad complete with an auto-tuned vocal performance.

Apps used in this video:

Carol of the Bells

  • SoundGrid
  • NLogFree
  • Melody Bell
  • Guitarist (Nylon String)
  • iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound)
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist (Electric)

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  • iGog
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Pocket Organ
  • Saxophone Musicofx
  • Percussions (Tambourine)

Feliz Navidad

  • Percussions
  • iGog (Rock Kit 1 sound)
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Bebot
  • Pianist
  • T-Pain
[via dvice]