iPhone 4 Snap Battery Case From Incase

Precision engineered to be the slimmest battery case for iPhone 4, the Snap Battery Case features an integrated 900 mAh battery and durable hardshell construction for increased battery life and dependable protection. The built-in female 30-Pin connector enables seamless iPhone 4 syncing and charging without removing the case. In addition, the hidden LED power indicator displays charge level and the control button allows on/off switching.

The optimized power management system provides continuous charging to the internal battery of iPhone 4. When in use, power drains first from the Snap Battery Case so that the device’s internal battery maintains a charge and is only depleted once the Snap Battery Case has been drained. The Snap Battery Case should be powered off until the iPhone 4 battery runs low for best use.

The battery case provides an additional 120 hours of standby time, 40% extended battery life and is available from today for 60 USD.