iPhone 5C Cases Already Available To Pre-Order On Amazon


Rumors of a low-cost, plastic iPhone have been ramping up over the past couple of days thanks to a Pegatron Labour Report that pretty much confirms it and to a leaked photo of the plastic packaging that also dubbs the iPhone as ‘iPhone 5C‘. Today case manufacturer Elago, has released for pre-order a first set of iPhone 5C cases on amazon.

The three cases, which are available in black, navy, and white, appear to be in line with the low-cost iPhone dimensions that were leaked in June, though the image clearly shows an altered iPhone 5.

The low-cost iPhone is expected to be similar in size to the current iPhone 5, though with a rounded polycarbonate shell that comes in an array of colors. MacRumors commissioned renderings in July showing what the phone could potentially look like based on current schematics.

If you want to get the early bird special on these first iPhone 5C cases, they’re available for $25 at amazon.com

iPhone-5C-case-1-FSMdotCOM iPhone-5C-case-2-FSMdotCOM