iPhone 4G Prototype Pictures Leaked?

First iPhone 4G prototype pictures leaked into the wild.

Ok, before we get into it… don’t you find it odd that , in this day and age when the cheapest point-and-shoot cam has like a billion megapixels all this “leak pictures” look like a bad 70s porn movie?

Anyway, the prototype seems to have a black plastic bezel instead of the aluminum one or it is wrapped in some sort of protective rubber. Other than that , the only difference between this “prototype” and the iPhone we got today is a “dot” next to the earpiece grill which can represent a camera or just a reflection.

The presentation of iPhone 4G is expected in June, and by then Apple can change the device 1000 times. Personally , i am not impressed at all, and i sure hope ( doubt ) that this won’t be nothing like the final product.

[via AppleInsider]
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