IPA God: Download Cracked Apps On A Non Jailbroken iOS Devices Running iOS 4.1 & 4.2 [video]

Let’s face it, no matter who you are and what you say, 99% ( ok, maybe 95% ) of the time, if you can get something for free, you will not going to pay for it. This is not something we endorse, but we can’t just sit around and not noticing facts. Introducing: IPA God.

Apparently in iOS 4.0+ there’s a glitch in the matrix that allows you to create files in the filesystem of non-jailbroken iOS devices. IPA Gold works just like AppSync, and apparently you will have to pay a fee in order to register your UDID and use IPA Gold. This is something we will never agree with. You should never ever ever ever pay for piracy.

Without chaos nothing evolves so,  there’s a good side to everything bad. If IPA God will be released, and works as advertise, people will ( hopefully ) stop associating jailbreking with cracks. Oh, for f*cks sake, people! Jailbreaking ≠ cracking and hacking ≠ cracking…