iOS 8 May Bring Split-Screen Multitasking To The iPad [video]


OS Experience brings split-screen multitasking to the iPad, but you’ll have to be jailbroken to benefit of this much-wanted feature. If you, for whatever reason, refuse to jailbreak your iOS device, don’t worry – Apple may bring split-screen mutltiasking to the iPad in iOS 8. With split-screen multitasking you can use two apps simultaneously on your iPad in landscape mode ( just like on a Surface tablet – a feature that Microsoft really pushes as an advantage over the iPad )

In addition to operating multiple apps at the same time, the feature might also allow users to share data ( i.e links, images ) between apps, which suggests Apple may open up support for XPC services in iOS, making it easier for developers to share content between apps.

To get a taste of what this feature may look like on the iPad check out the concept below…


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