iOS 8 to Include Battery Usage Per App, Mysterious Tips App, Panoramic Camera Feature for iPad and More…


During today’s keynote, Apple unveiled iOS 8 and some of it’s features, including Messages app improvements, keyboard enhancements and access to third-party keyboards, HealthKit and more. As always, there are a lot of other great features that were not showcased on stage today.

Jump over the break to check out what else iOS 8 will bring to our devices when it will be available this fall…

It appears that iOS 8 will display battery usage by app, which is an extremely useful feature that will allow us to monitor the battery drain of specific apps.


If you’re an iPad user, iOS 8 will allow you to take Panoramic photos just like the iPhone, and the camera will also gain an instant burst mode, a timer mode and separate controls for focus and exposure.

iBooks in iOS 8 will bring support for an auto night mode and will organize books by series.

Notifications will include travel time.

A mysterious Tips app will also make its appearance on your iOS 8 homescreens although there’s no word on what the app will do. It will probably be a tutorial app, serving information about the ins and outs of an iOS devices, mainly targeted to new iOS users.

iOS 8 will also add an “In Case of Emergency” card that displays contact information and possibly health-related information as well.

iOS 8 users will be able to use Siri to purchase iTunes content.

Notes is updated with a new rich text editing feature.

RSS feeds are displayed within Shared Links in Safari.

Other feature with unknown functions include “Place cards in other apps” and “Speak Screen”

iOS 8 brings various accessibility improvements including an Alex voice, Braille keyboard, improved zoom and multi-device support for MFi hearing aids.

Guided Access will gain time limits, countdown timer and Touch ID integration. Guided Access limits an iPad or iPhone to opening a single app.

And many more. As soon as developers discover them we will let you know. Stay tuned…


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