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invisiPhone: Type On iPhone And See What’s In Front Of You ( Free Pre-Appstore Copy )

Some of you old school FSMdotCOM readers might remember Casey , a friend of ours, from a few months back when we released the T9App. Today, Casey sent me an email , regarding a new app, that it will be available in the appstore called invisiPhone. The app is similar to Email N Walk.

So I just submitted another app, invisiPhone, to the app store and I want to give FSM readers a chance to try it out. The app uses the camera to supply a live stream of what is in front of the iPhone as the background while the user types a message. This allows someone to walk, skip, skateboard, run, jump, swim (maybe not), and even drive (in legal states and countries of course!) while sending a message and still knowing what is going on in front of them. Anything typed is automatically copied to the clipboard, so when the program is exited, the message can be pasted wherever it is needed. The opacity of both the text field and keyboard can be independently controlled for easy viewing.

How to install:

  • download invisiPhone
  • SSH into iPhone
  • copy into /Applications
  • make sure permissions are 755
  • respring

Now, Casey will love some feedback from you guys on the app. You can either comment on this post or send him an email sup[email protected]. Hopefully the official app will be up in the AppStore (for those non-jailbroken users) in about 2 weeks, which will be sold for $0.99.

NOTE: firmware 3.1 or higher required