New IntelliScreen Behaviour: Think Twice Before Updating

As you might know, now, IntelliScreen is distributed via RockYourPhone and ( i might be wrong on this, please correct me if i am ) , they have a mirror in Cydia, for you to keep track with updates and everything.If you have IntelliScreen installed on your device right now, you should think twice before you update it! I give you two reasons why :

1. Pretty much , most of you, got a cracked version of IntelliScreen. When you update, that update will overwrite all the files, and the updated version WILL NOT be cracked. So dont act surprised when u update and it will ask you to register the app. I know most of you are itching to tap that update button.

2. IntelliScreen has a new behaviour now which i just found out from Mangy one of our friends here at FSMdotCOM. Dude just emailed me and explained what just happened to him and , he was kind enough to send me screenshots while explaining the problems.

When you load the updated IntelliScreen it takes a second or two to show any text.After that, you will get a pop-up screen and you will be asked for a License Transfer.

If you tap OK on that pop-up screen , you will be asked to Sign-in or Create New RockID. Mangy didn’t create any RockID, and he pressed the home button to exit the app. On the SpringBoard , he had a new icon which already was showing an update. Its the RockYourPhone icon. Notice icon on bottom left

When he checked what’s the update all about , the big surprise was that it was for an app that he never installed : IntelliShared. Of course he didnt want to update. He tried to uninstall IntelliShare but he got another pop-up window that said : Uninstall Failed.

Now i really hope that this will make you think twice before you update IntelliScreen. Your alternatives are : buy the app, wait for a new crack or try the free IntelliScreen alternative.