Buy Cheap iPhone OS 3.0 Developer Activation From eBay

Dr. Puttingham one of our dearest friends here at FSMdotCOM just emailed me to tell me that he bought a iPhone OS 3.0 Developer activation for $8 from eBay.

I went to eBay and searched for “iPhone activation”. I then looked at the feedbacks for the sellers and purchased from the most promising prospect. Opened iTunes and found my UDID by going to Summary, clicking on Serial Number. That’ll change to UDID. Click on Edit, Copy in iTunes and that will copy to your Clipboard which you email to the eBay dude. He adds that UDID to his active accounts. Download OS Beta 2 from where ever (I did a bitTorrent search myself), install and iTunes will activate, YIPEE! Of course this is all depending on the fact that the eBay dude isn’t an scammer as I’m sure there will be those assholes.

I then installed QuikPWN Bedta 2 (which is NOT official, has no Cydia or Installer, just ICY) Also is Windows only, sorry Charlie!

Now, i know that the screenshot attached to this post says $5. You will find activations for $ .99as well but you have to scoop around and also be careful to purchase the activation from “the most promising prospect” as Dr. Puttingham said. I really suggest you dont go for the 99 cents one