This is a free and painless alternative to IntelliScreen. The process is simple but it requires a small amount of your time. So let’s begin :

  • requires status notifier and winterboard
  • you have to ssh and install in stash/themes

NOTE 1 : ( status notifier ) make sure you update status notifier to get these feature, you can find more info about this here

NOTE 2 : To make this work, you need to hide the lockscreen date *does not apply on weather/notifier version.

default homescreen

click on the weather forecast to show the week’s forecast

click on the date to display full calendar


  • Complete Version –  Download ; Mirror
  • Calendar/Notifier version – Download
  • Weather/Notifier version – Download
  • Notifier Only version – Download


  • Zetetic Apparatchik – for the weather widget
  • productred – for the one week forecast version of the weather widget
  • nuclear potato – slock theme
  • pablo_aza21 – numbers of unread items in notification
  • Mac Intosh/Rocky5 – removing the date on lockscreen
  • Dash – for posting the dashboard weather icons
  • GaMerZ – full month calendar