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Insomnia PRO: Wi-Fi Connection Is Active Even When iPhone Is On Stand-By

New day, new update in Cydia: Insomnia. If you are a long time FSM reader, you know we talked about Insomnia before, or maybe you know the application if you are on Mac ( InsomniaX ). When the iPhone is in stand-by, your Wi-Fi connection is interrupted. If you are downloading a file or using push notifications using your Wi-Fi network, this can represent a discomfort. Luckily Insomnia was ported to the iPhone as well, and it was updated to the PRO version.

Pro means that you can schedule when Insomnia to start and end. Note that Insomnia is a daemon that run in the background. You can find it in Cydia via BigBoss repo and you will get a 7 days trial version Full license is £ 1.99 ( around $3.20 ).